Counterfeit Verbatim 8x DVD-R discs flood Hungary - more countries to follow?

I just posted the article Counterfeit Verbatim 8x DVD-R discs flood Hungary - more countries to follow?.

Europe has send out a statement that there are counterfeit Verbatim DVD-R 8x
discs on the market. For now the discs seem to be mainly available on the
Hungarian market. User…

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Verbatim: Go away & well…“oeoeororoeofoekfoe” Your media is good but not great and the price structure does not reflect that. I burn everything and ain’t no muppet. Lower the price of your overhyped disc’s - Retailers 2!! Coke is not cocaine you dig?

Heh heh, such a good excuse to cover the downgrades :d

That was what I used to think in the old days of riteks comments about it. However the truth is that Verbatim and Ritek are both and other brands are experiencing falsified products. I’ve seen the evidence myself.

Plus let’s not forget that BIG black market of disks in Hungary, no wonder why they try to sell those fakes THERE. As most people do not want to afford 0.5 usd for a reliable product but want to get Verbatims for 0.3 or so… They get what they are paying for… (oh by the way what about those FAKE TY’s that some guys call “quality products”, of course you cannot find them anywhere EXCEPT in Hungary… wonderfull PI/PO scans but were not done on those fakes, why NOT reporting that too Peter;) or those fake Ricoh’s based B grade media… oh give me a break, this is bussines and now it’s Verbatim, when everyday anyone could report such an action) (of course we all know where those disks come from, so it’s not Hungary only where they have been spreaded…:d) regards, Stephen

So stephen pleas show and tell it’s just the fact that verbatim has send out a warning if you have more then show us. (Also I’ve been busy with something myself)