Counterfeit UK CD ring smashed after raids on markets and car boot sales

I just posted the article Counterfeit UK CD ring smashed after raids on markets and car boot sales.

In the United Kingdom a large counterfeit CD
ring has been raided. The police confiscated thousands of pirated CDs, 70.000
cigarettes and 17 kilo of tobacco. The swoop was performed by …

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The Barras in Glasgow was raided yesterday 29/6/03, trading standards were only interested in counterfeit CDs and DVDs from one dealer in particular.:frowning:

If they raided any car-boot sale in the UK they’d find 4-6 stalls selling counterfeit CDsDVDs…hoist that Jolly Roger! Will they ever stamp it out? I think probably not…

I am amazed at how open the pirate business is in the UK. I dont buy the films off them (all I have seen have been bearly watchable), but if you go to nearly any market or car boot sale you will find plenty of them. It’s as if the police or trading standards have never heard of a car boot sale!

The record companies could put them all out of business overnight if they just lowered prices. they have created the demand for priated CD’s, and they are the only ones who can stop it. Think about it, if the pirates can manufacture and sell the same product for less, what’s wrong with this picture?