Counterfeit Intel Core i7 chips sold at NewEgg



Even Newegg is careless about products origin or guilty of sale fakes …


Counterfeit Intel Core i7 chips sold at NewEgg.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Roughly 300 people recently unboxed their brand-new Intel Core i7-920 chips from NewEgg only to find that they were fake.

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So do they actually work? Who is the manufacturer?


Anyone who thinks Newegg knew about this is a moron, plain and simple. To my knowledge, Newegg has pretty much the best rep in the industry and they wouldn’t tarnish it with trying to pass fakes off as the real thing. End of story.


[QUOTE=jubjubbird;2499959]So do they actually work? Who is the manufacturer?[/QUOTE]Lol.
If you see the pictures of what they got, you wouldn’t bother asking this question.

The CPU cooler is a ceramic thingy, with a colour photo of a real fan stuck to the top, which looks real enough when you are looking through the little clear plastic

I’m not sure what the CPU actually is … but aluminium was involved :iagree:

At any rate, Newegg has suggested they won’t be using the supplier was provided the fake intel chips again.


I believe similar schemes have previously occurred but not involving Newegg. Some years ago (during the 90’s) several Intel employees were convicted of “skimming” rejected product and convicted of selling it to competing suppliers and on the black market.

While not exactly the same circumstances, I am willing to bet a link will be established between some Intel employees or contractors (China or India would be my guess) and prosecutions will soon follow…


I’m surprised that Newegg would let that product get to the consumer… Obviously they aren’t checking product (enough) before it ships. I ordered memory & a psu from them and I’m satisfied I got REAL products and not fakes. Newegg is good about fixing customer issues and once they verify that they shipped bad product (meaning they found the fakes in their warehouses instead of a couple of random unsubstantiated consumer accusations). One would be suspicious if a consumer calls up about a $1k processor being fake… but these are for mid-grade processors around $200-$300 each.


Newegg is a top of the line vendor and I am sure they are super embarrassed and pissed. You won’t see this happen again with them. They have always been great with me and super fast and responsive. Though, I would have been absolutely stunned when I opened the package had I received one of the bogus chips. Bet there were a lot of WTF’s flying around.:iagree:
Remember they got 300 in a shipment of 2000, I’m sure the receiving dept. doesn’t inspect every one. They open a case, a couple on top looks good and they send it on.


I never had a problem with and if they had it, they always beat Newegg prices.


Tiger Direct sucks. They’ll match pricing, but the don’t pioneer low prices like Newegg, NCIX, or Canada Computers. I did lots of business with Tiger Direct for almost 8 years, so I’m not just talking out of my ass.


Even Newegg is careless about products origin or guilty of sale fakes …[/QUOTE]

I recently had to wait almost a month for an order I placed with them to arrive. It had been quite plainly lost in the mail, but I had to wait for “a full investigation”. They made me feel like I was lying and trying to pull a fast one. My days of doing business with them is over!