Counterfeit DVD-R media £100,000 ((€150000) Reward



It has come to my attention that there has been an attempt to introduce onto the market some counterfeit DVD-R media. E-Net have recently become aware that Datawrite Optima Blue, RiDisc Xtreme and Titanium branded products have been counterfeited by unscrupulous individuals in an attempt to cash in on their popularity. This media is being offered to retailers at a substantially lower price than the genuine media. These disc currently doing the rounds are fakes of the Datawrite Optima Blue, RiDisc Xtreme and Titanium branded discs and in appearance look every bit the same as the genuine ones. Tell tale signs for the consumer include reduced storage capacity, writable quality and visible imperfections on the writing surface while those further up the supply chain may discover the fakes through software checks and irregularities in packaging.
The discs so far found are manufactured by Ritek but it is suspect that some CMC media are being sold the same way. These discs are not “A” grade as they should be but are “C” grade or worse. These discs appear to be a similar grade as the mountains & streams I reported about last year.
If you suspect you have any of these discs you should return them to your supplier who if is a respectable supplier will reimburse you for them. There should be no problem when purchasing the genuine media from respected retailers because they will have sourced them from the recognised importer. The suppliers to watch out for are Market Traders, Flee Markets, Car Boot Traders, and EBay Traders. The best place to buy genuine products is online stores. So make sure when you buy you have a guarantee from the supplier that the media is genuine.
These counterfeit discs are nothing more than industrial jealousy from other media distributors trying to discredit the Datawrite & e-net name. A spokesperson from Datawrite tells me that they have 100’s of thousands of the counterfeit media which has been seized and the will offer up to £100,000 (€150000) reward to any parties that will give them information that will find the source of the fakes and result in successful prosecution of the culprits. Further details can be found on the following websites and


who would Counterfeit e-net stuff if i was a Counterfeiter i would do ty’s verbatim sony etc
even if you find the people the reward would probebly end up being monoply money :stuck_out_tongue:
they must have good sence of humour :bigsmile:


I bought 3 spindles of Datawrite Classic from SVP and had to return 2.

If online store is a guarantee against counterfeited Datawrite, that what would be a guarantee for quality Datawrite ?


Datawrite is the ‘Netto/Lidl/Aldi/Pound Shop’ of the media world, who in their right mind infact who in a drug enduced stuper would want to counterfeit them? i would advise anybody interested in quality and data longevity to avoid Datawrite and co like the plague.


the counterfeit’s might end up being better than the real thing :slight_smile:
may be they are scared that the copy’s are going to be more popular than their stuff :stuck_out_tongue:


Seems a great excuse to tell customers, ‘it must have been counterfeit then’ how about they just say 'we sell sht media to poor bstrds who dont know any better (which i was at one time :sad: )and if any of the fces tries to complain we fob em off with the old counterfeit line.


Very strange, my “conspiracy meter” is at 100 %. Since few month there is more and more people and proof that some e net brand a not very good. (OC freaks topic about B and C grade printable media from E net and the very hot topics about the war of “quality” media from Conrex and E net).

It’s hard to get a reliable point of view in this fog of Disinformation.


lol, What’s wrong with Lidl’s dvd-r’s…! :stuck_out_tongue:


Dunno but enet seem pretty pissed about it the discs being copied. The story is on every website you care to mention.


That’s why myself and others, in a TY thread from memory, say shops like SVP that used to be ones we kept going back to, now have customers shopping around for quality media (TY) - and at least one on-line shop to my knowledge sells the Fuji one much cheaper than the crap that SVP currently sells. Ok, they sell verbatum, TY for £0.50/disc, but always have endless data****, Yellow-top, beta-top, kangaroo-club, blah, blah, blah, total s**t media.

As they say, once bitten, never again for most people. How silly that SVP, and other, shops business plan seems to be ‘lets stock lots of crap and sell them to regular customers, and add these media to the best sellers list’ - nope, sure way to go out of business and lose your loyal customers.


and who is responsible for that??^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


how would anyone tell them from the “real” thing? doesn’t sound counterfit to me…


good :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile: i’ve been checking the red’s v3 i had bought 3 so far two unreadable 1 only just with 150ish reread atempt’s & they do not have any scrache’s on them :a serve’s them right
:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


Is there any proof of this apart from e-net sources??? or is this just another advertising scam?

I must say hes a clever man not an idea i would have thought of

Make a few batches with spelling mistakes

Sell them around comp fairs etc

Come up with the whole counterfeit story offer a reward e-net become the hero wh00t

This ^ is just ramblings and in no way truthfull…but the truth is out there :slight_smile:

And its spread allover the www because “not an employee” of there’s is posting it everywhere…for no personal gain i might add lolol


Not sure about Counterfeits, but I have read on anther thread here that there are people selling Bulkpak (no q) and I’ve actually seen a brand in Italy when I was on holiday called “Dataright” with a fake FUJI code, not to be confused with famous “FUJI Datawrite Greys” that are no longer made.

Although we have yet to see proof, obviously they are keeping all info tight for legal reasons, it’s highly likely that it is happening, maybe not in the UK where customers are more discerning, but more likely in places like Spain and Italy and Eastern Europe etc.

Princo, despite being crap did have reasonable quality when it tried and at a low price, it virtually sold itself. Remember, it was not that long ago that Princo was one of the fastest selling brands inthe market. It’s downfall, despite reasons of illegality, was also contibuted by the fact that there were gangs copying the name “Princo” and putting it on back of some even worse quality discs.

It stands to reason that these criminals don’t care what they copy as long as it sells and despite your scepticism (watermark), brands, even from E-Net are likely to be valuable enough for these gangs to copy.



A turn up for the books the conrexx marketing team complimenting the enet matketing team :slight_smile:


lmao@liberty, if only m8 if only :slight_smile:


I dont get you I have used alot of diffrent brands over the years and they are all as good as each other… Yes TY is a very good quality but not worth the price inless your saving some mission critical information you want to keep for over a year. I have used discs from Princo all the way up to TY and to tell you the truth the best I have found is not the cheapest and not the most expencive. I have started using Datawrite Greys and also the new Datawrite Blue ones and have not got one compleaint…

All this fuss about this disc being better than that disc is utter crap I have friends that have been using Bulkpaq orange for years on a Pioneer 105 and he has had litraly a hand full fail out of about 1,000 over the years and I have tested a few and they all still work as good as new and some of them are as much as 14 months old. So instead of moaning about the discs why dont you invest in some proper hardware because it looks to me you have more trouble of getting the discs to work on your system than anyone else.

I have used Datawrite Greys and The Blue’s which you say is from this company enet and I’m very happy with them using an NEC3500A so why do you have problems with them that (I dont) making you buy discs that are over 3 times the price???


Poor show from e-net really.

If they want to start gaining people’s trust again, creating lies about people faking their already less than good grade media is not the way to go.

Do they actually think people will buy this story?

And aren’t SVP like one of the ‘genuine’ stores of e-net datawrite/datasafe/ridisc stuff? They even have an affiliated link to a sham of a forum called or something where tonnes of friends of e-net brainwash people with “OMG LOOK How good THIS MEDIA IS, A GRADE i thINK”.

Have a read of those forums, hope we don’t get some of those kind of people trying to do the same here.


Mado - if you browse this fourm, you will see how most of the cheaper media compares (burn wise), and lasts compared to more expensive media. You do not have to purchase TY or Verbatum’s to get good media, even great, but if you want to minimise any risk and not waste money, mid-range trusted media all the way to top media is the way to go.

Those selling copies of things on to friends or the general public (game copies, film copies, etc, will not care how good the media is or how long it will last). Those spending money on ISP’s, hardware, media, to backup data important to them will want their outlay and effort to last for quite some time - not last 6-18 months and throw away.

There are hundreds of reports on here from users all over the world, with a large range of drives and firmware - whereby the statistics (and scans) show just how variable brands such as Ritek can be (especially lower grade stuff shipped to Europe), and other cheap media such as ‘colour-tops’, ‘bulkpaq’, etc - well, some are almost bin fodder. Much of this is sold by formerly respectable stores - who have lost alot of custom. Not just me - all those who have gained wisdom, and are part of this forum, know exactly what’s going on and why many shops are now selling junk - not much cheaper than quality media.