Counter-terrorism forces helped apprehend Megaupload's Kim Dotcom



Counter-terrorism forces helped apprehend Megaupload’s Kim Dotcom.

[newsimage][/newsimage]An amazing new report into the fall of Megaupload has revealed that special agents from New Zealand's anti-terrorism Special Tactics Group took part in the daring January raid that ended with site founder Kim Dotcom in handcuffs.

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Someone explain to me how is this even fighting terrorism? So all the tax payers money in NZ is spent to just find this one guy? This is a joke…so why aren’t they breaking down the doors of corrupt government officials whom take more then Billions of tax payers money and corrupt people and government?? Some explain that to me? Whom is worse corrupt government or a free market venture capitalist?? Sounds more and more like DO AS I SAY BUT NOT AS I DO again over and over. Where and why aren’t they not breaking down the doors of DRUG kingpins in the US and aboard? Why cause their own government officials are taking the drug money and call girls into their own house of Cards. All this does is nothing and nothing will come out of it for NZ or US. They never go after the real root of the problem itself but only facilitate more and more piracy their actions have yet to date done no one any benefit except the GREED of corporations. Of which I have yet to see any benefits to the Citizen in general seeing any real benefit to them. They all talk in US about free market and capitalism but when it’s not benefiting them then it’s time to bring them down. That is the True AMERICA COMMUNIST capitalism it must first benefit them and them alone or your a TERRORISTS.