Counter-Strike Condition Zero won't EMULATE

I dont like the idea of using CDs - too much hastle for me, so i like using images, unfortunately when it came to backing up my Condition Zero, Both with Alcohol and CloneCD, the resulting image just wouldnt load up the game on a virtual drive.

I am not sure whether the Game disc(s), (Disc1 - Securom) (Disc2 none), were backed up properly???

Has anyone got any valuable suggestions? Any Software Backup experts out ‘there’ who can help me? Admins? SOMEONE HELP

Thank you, Appreciated greatly!

Which version of securom?

Ya i was wondering how to make a image of this… I used SecuRom 4.x/5.x or whatever that is. But when I went to load it up on the virutal drive it gave me a invaild File Message. I was wondering if you guys could tell me where to update my SecuRom Files or what I did wrong. Thanks a bunch and please reply :stuck_out_tongue: