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I bought the PX-716A, I been waiting so long for it. At BB, $140 - $30 rebate. Only made 2 burns, one bad the other not so bad. The question I have at the moment is when I try to run cd/dvd speed disk quality check on the dvd’s I burned , it won’t run with the plex but it will run with my lite on. It comes up and does it’s quick scan or whatever it does and see’s the disk, but the start button is greyed out, any ideas? Thanks

CD-DVD Speed disc quality test won’t work on Plextor drives. But who needs that when you’ve got Plextools? BTW what’s the TLA number for your drive?

You mean Nero CD-DVD Speed test?

Nero CD-DVD Speed Disc Quality Test - Supported Drives :wink:

Two Degrees, it’s not the new version. TLA: 0000, I upgraded to firm. 1.01. Manufactured: October 2004, ser.# starts with 107. Made in China. I’m new at this, so it’s taking a while to run tests. I still have about 3 weeks to take it back, and I have’nt sent the rebate in yet. Hey is it normal to hear a rattle or something when moving the drive around? When I turned the drive over to change the bezel to black it sounded like something was loose in there, I couldn’t get anything to fall out, maybe it’s just a catch or something that’s meant to move freely(I hope). Thanks

I grabbed up one of these 716A’s as well. Not sure of the TLA# or even where to find it. I’m on Firmware ver 1.01 and the serial number starts with “100”. I had a few initial problems when upgrading from PlexTools 2.17 to 2.18 but since the firmware upgrade, all has been wonderful. Mostly enjoying the quite high rip speeds of 10x+ on occasion. I don’t see this drive listed in the media compatability chart, probably because it is so new, but I’ve starting using Ritek (branded Ridata) media rather than the FUJI or Verbatim that I used prior. I heard Ritek made some good media and am pleased with my zero coasters whilst almost through a 50 pack. Is there anything in particular I should know about Plextor (it’s my first) that I may not like to hear? I’ve been a dedciated Sony or LiteOn guy until now. :iagree:


I dont mean to put damper on your fun, but from reading these forums and knowing TLA:0000 has serial 100xxx and knowing all DOA and wont read media drives are also from TLA:0000 100xxx numbers and knowing mine as well as my friends are from 102xxx and guy posting above is from 107xxx and ours seem to work, as your is in 100xxx the group all bad drives seem to be in id be very happy you seem to have got good one.

Knocking wood and letting out a big sigh of relief… thanks for the info.


Another thing to understand is plextor may have sent all the bad shipment to one area of USA so far all bad drives seem to come from east coast, mine and my friends came from west coast but are all from oct. TLA:0000 batchs. but again 102xxx not 100xxx id feel better with TLA:0001 or later as you can be sure its not in same run as 100xxx but i think if the drive works and does not burn coasters and you have 1.01 fw you should be ok, but if you feel strong about not wanting to be in 100xxx id return it and wait a while, then you can be 100% sure you get next factory run.

I’m from East Coast and my serial number is 100xxx, so far all is OK - though I am having some issues with Nero (slower than Plextools and the backup program doesn’t work well). However, I’ve yet to try to burn a movie which I will do this weekend.

Meanwhile, this is what US Tech Support told me:

If your drive is working, then there is no problem. Only if your drive
is not functioning at all would you need to worry. Go to this page and click on Datasheet for media. TLA# is printed on top of the drive. What settings and/or software are you using to get 10X ripping? All I am getting is about 4-5X?

They told you that? :rolleyes:
Chalk one up for the obvious…

then most likely you have a DMA problem. Please check if your drive is in UDMA Mode 2, click here or click here to enable DMA.

DMA is enable everywhere and bios reports UDMA mode 4.

No way I’m pulling out my drive to find out the TLA, but thanks for the link on media. I’m on the East Coast, too and have had no problems. I’m using DVDDecrypter for my 10x+ rip speeds.

I asked US Tech Support if hardware changes were expected here as a result of the delayed introduction in Europe. Here’s the reply:

Ok, we are not aware of any issue with the manufacturing but we have received request for RMA or replacement units, we will evaluate these units and see if we can find something wrong. If your unit is working then there is no issue, if you start having writing errors then you can perform the self diagnostic test (located in the user manual) and see if that passes, if the test passes then the unit is operating fine and if not we will replace it under warranty. Chances are the replacement drives in a few months will have a newer TLA but we do not know for sure.

Plextor Technical Support -*

Thanks for the info nelle!

TLA number appears on the top of the box the drive came in, as well (along with Serial number). Good way to pick a recent drive…