Couldnt authenticate original disc within timelimit

Hey, i searched all over the net, even here, and didnt find anything. I burnt Star Wars Battlefront that uses securom using this tutorial: . Since no other tutorial would work. Anyways, it all went well, no errors or anything, then i put in the disc, and the cursor changes to the disc cursor. Then instead of getting a securom copy error, it says “Couldn’t authenticate original disc within timelimit” I guess this is a good thing, since it couldnt tell whether it was the right disc or not, but is there a way i could bypass this so that i could get on and play the game? Whats weird is that i could install the 1st disc (the play disc that i burnt, that is also used to install part of the game) but i cant play it…i dont know, im a noob. But anywyas, i heard somewhere that maybe my drive speed was too slow which cause the drive not being able to authenticate within the timelimit, but i have a 48x speed drive, i burnt the cd at 8x for a safer burn, i dont know if this will cause the drive to only read at 8x, which in turn causes this error. I dont know, im very confused, ive tried to do this right for 5 hours straight, lol. Any help given, i appreciate, thanks :slight_smile:

Hi blankloner,

according to your 48x CDRW you used TwinPeak method. Sometimes the disc won’t be recognized using this method as it is a bit hardware dependant to run these games. Did you try another drive starting the game? Maybe using slower speed for burning will solve this problem and you can use a CDRW for testing, so you don’t have waste any CDRs.

good idea about the cdrw thing, anyways, do you know of any other method that isnt hardware dependant? thanks, i already seemed to temporarily solve the problem by using a no-cd crack, but i guess those arent the way of cd freaks :stuck_out_tongue: anywyas, thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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