Could'a sworn Newegg sold TY

Have I gone sompletely senile, or didn’t Newegg until recently sell Taiyo Yuden? I went there looking, but I don’t see TY in their manufacturer list anymore.

They sure did, I dont know if they just stopped carrying them or forgot to add to their new formated site.

Good, glad a bit of the old gray matter is still functioning. I just popped off an email to them, asking what’s up.

The Ty’s are gone from newegg, not even listed under value no more!!

I dunno, but I don’t like their new site layout.

They do…Fuji Branded TY +R 8x’s…


They used to sell unbranded TY though, CD-R, DVD-R, DVD+R, and inkjet printable TY. I guess they stoped carrying them though, as you can’t find it on their site by searching for it either.

I don’t ever remember seeing authentic TY brand on Newegg before…I could be wrong though (but I doubt it :wink: )

Yes, newegg did indeed carry “Taiyo Yuden” discs previously.
Specifically labeled as TAIYO YUDEN blank media.

NewEgg has recently been removing out of stock items from the web site completely, rather than having them show as out of stock. I don’t know if this is a temporary change, something to do with the new site, or what. Once in stock, they re-appear on the site.


This is slightly off topic but I noticed you have both a 3500 and a 3520. Might you post a few scans of high quality media, like TY, (there now I am sort of on topic) burned on both? I constantly see questions on whether the quality of the 3520 is close to the 3500 and I, for one, would really appreciate a comparison from someone I trust.

See I was right…I told you I could be wrong…

There are ample comparisons posted around the forums. Bottom line is that there is no particular difference between the 2 models beyond what you would see between any 2 drives of the same or different models.

There’s something wrong with the categories in the new newegg layout. I was pretty sure that yesterday when I saw this thread I couldn’t find any DVD media by entering search “Yuden” or browsing the categories.

If you click the link by Hawseman HERE, the categories will be like this:
> Accessories > CD / DVD Drives & Media > CD/DVD R/RW Media > Fuji > FUJI 4.7GB 8X DVD+R Disc - Retail

If you click CD/DVD Drives & Media above, you will get this:
> Accessories > CD / DVD Drives & Media > CD/DVD Accessories
And from there, you will not find any fuji TY unless you do a search or “Back”

Another thing, if you click CD/DVD R/RW Media from the first above, you will get below.
> Computer Hardware > CD / DVD Drives & Media > CD/DVD R/RW Media

Note that the main category is now “Computer Hardware” and not “Accessories” anymore… confusing…

Only problem for me is, other than folks like you, and some of the user reviews on the Newegg site, how would I know that they were TY? I don’t mean that in a snotty way, just that it doesn’t say on Newegg’s page who makes the media.

And I’ve read that some companies who rebrand media sometimes change who they get the media from. For example, when I first started burning, I bought Memorex. I think the first few spindles I bought were MCC (but not sure; tho I did check the media rating site, and they rated pretty high). Then, the next spindle pack I bought were PRODISC, as I recall, and the rating site gave them a lesser rating. I immediately switched to Verbatim.

So what I’m getting around to is: does Fuji always use TY media? Or do they, like some other rebranders, occasionally buy from other makers? IOW, by the time I get around to ordering my next spindle, how can I be sure that the Fuji’s I order will be TY?

I’ve been using Fuji DVD+R as well as their CD-R media for awhile now, and it has always been Taiyo Yuden.

Welcome to the world of online media purchasing.

There is probably more TY fakes than there are authentics on the web…so this is a crap shoot. At least in the “brick and mortars”, you can see the “Made in Japan” on the package. Online, I don’t buy re-branded media…too flakey. I buy authentics from reputable vendors like rima.

One quick (but inaccurate) way to tell if it’s TY, is the picture of the cake box…Yuden’s packaging is fairly unique. I wouldn’t count on that being conclusive though.

Hell, it’s so dynamic, TY may outsource production to princo tomorrow…and you may get the first batch.

rima and supermediastore sell TY discs and i trust both online stores.
(rima seems to have an edge when it comes to shipping charges)
that being said, earlier posts commenting on ever-changing landscape is true so keep reading fellow users posts to learn about the dynamic and exciting world of DVD disc buying… :wink:

BTW - thank you rdgrimes for your comments regarding the 3520 and the 3500…