Could your boss find pirated software on your PC?

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To all those hard workers who download mp3 files to make the long office hours a bit more bearable, it might end very soon. Macrovision and Websense have joined forces to develop tools which make…

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Ok, so what about fair use provisions? I do have the right to take my own CD collection and create MP3’s for my own listening pleasure. If they react to ANY MP3 in the workplace, then they have erase another of my fair use rights. It just keeps getting worse and worse. Soon you will have to pay everytime you listen to a song, it will happen unless we all fight back.

first of all a tool can already find mp3’s on hard drives, it is called search *.mp3. Second I can see your point Jolard specially with NT/2000/XP machines which don’t allow others access to your directories, but a business would have to prove ownership of files and it is not feasible to have employees bring in albums of all mp3 on their machines, too much work.

If all it can find is MP3s, then either convert the music to OGG or (gulp) WMA. I worked in a place like where your downloads were monitored, but since “corporate” really doesn’t know much, we never logged into the domain, yet we still used all the resources just the same. We also had personal firewalls and when needed, spoofed out IPs to that of servers in the field. If people get smart, they will learn to use their machines rather than just type on them. I agree what Jolard has to say about bringing in your own music and making MP3s out of them. They can’t stop you from that. If the admins were smart, they would disable the ability to install anything on the PCs and make everyone save to a shared folders on a local server. But then again, we admins need that server space for our movies :slight_smile:

When they say your computer. Do they mean your work computer that is actually owned by the company. Or your actual computer that is just connected to their network. If it’s a work computer then you don’t need music files on it anyway. Just do your damn job. But if it was off a computer I actually owned what’s the company gonna do about it even if they find an MP3 on my comp. Turn me into the MP3 police?

Jorland, you’re correct, its fair use for you to take your own CDs and make mp3s for YOU to listen to. Just don’t share them on the company’s network.

Or you could just burn the mp3’s to CDs. Remember back when when you had to (gasp!) switch out cds to listen to more than 15 or so songs! The humanity!

If you get MP3’s, rename the extension (to .TYP for example) and associate the extension with Winamp. If Winamp doesn’t recognise the extension, it assumes that it’s an MP3. I couldn’t imagine the software checking the headers of every file on the hard drives as this would take up a lot of time. Otherwise, use other audio Codecs such as OGG, AAC, VQF, QT, RA, etc. If you just wanna download MP3’s :), save them to desktop. As soon as the download is complete, transfer them to Zip Disk, CD, etc. and eject it. If you don’t have a CD/Disk available, right click the song and select properties, click the security Tab and delete all users except yourself. :wink:

Another sappy tool to find the dumb pirates, no shortage of those. Download this tool before your boss does and take evasive action.