Could You explain this CDSpeed graph?



This was done on a Pio107 using one of my earliest pressed disc.
Usually,both pressed and DVDR media gives a graph like this:

Starting above 4X and ending around 8,3X speed.
The enclosed picture shows a higher starting speed then stays at 10X
for the remainder of the disc. Anything wrong with the disc or the Pio
(which supposedly has a max 12X reading speed) can’t handle it?
I did dozens of TRTs but never seen such a graph.

QuestionII:I could never go above 8,3X (except for the above example!)
when using Nero CDSpeed TRT,any reason for that? (only with DVDs of
course) Read speed is set at max.

Thank You.


I don’t know why it reads at P-CAV, but IMO this thread belongs into the Pioneer drives subforum :cop:

Are you able to do a scan?

EDIT: Your slower TRTs could be a drive’s peculiarity or a riplock.
For example, some LiteOn drives read 8x rated (or slower) DVD+/-R media @ 12x after burning, and 16x rated DVD+/-R media @ 16x. But I’m not sure, maybe our Pioneer experts can tell you more :slight_smile:


Agreed! :iagree:

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Post the info from dvd.identifier about the disc, could give some clues.


Can You use DVDIdentifier on a pressed disc? Mine comes up with
nothing. What I mean under “pressed” is that it’s a factory made
dvd,not dvdr.

Maybe the burner reached its readspeed limit and goes into CAV?

One other thing that I noticed with discs that has some kind of
copyprotection only TRTing at max.4X (starting under 2X).You have
to activate AnyDVD or a similar deactivating program to run the test.

Evilboy,none of the TRTs posted on CdFreaks’ review of the burner
achieved max. speed (they look the same as mine) so maybe it is
indeed this model peculiarity.