Could you believe this?



i made an image with cdrwin and protected this image with a protection program which is a free app(no safedisk or securom or any of that..)and burned the cd ...
now the funny thing is that (maybe)no cd writer software could burn this cd?
clonecd could not read some sector ...
ok put some options on like all of them in clone..
now it tells me it's going to read for some 3 hours ...
not gonna wait for that so this is really funny..
maybe clone can do the job but who's gonna wait for some 3 hours?????
i just downloaded this free app......
and all gamemakers are paying lotsa dollars for some expensive protection which can be backed up easy...
this is really wierd....
correct me if i'm wrong
the app is TZ copy protection!!!
geetings for all ya cd freaking wierdo's


I think it depends on which reader you’re using. TzCopyProtect adds some damaged sectors and that’s why reading takes so long. I doubt however it will take long to read this with my Mitsumi CR-480ATE (which only needs under 3 minutes to read a SafeDisc protected disc) or a Plextor drive. Which reader did you use?

For people who are interested in this tool the homepage for TzCopyProtect is


i used toshiba dvd SD-M1502!!!


Originally posted by esdee
i used toshiba dvd SD-M1502!!!
That explains it :wink: I have the same drive and although it’s a great reader it’s terribly slow when skipping errors…


strange cause when i read safedisk whatever version it is really quik with that …?
also strange : all toshiba dvd’s highly recommended by olli!!!
now explain that …