Could use some help with dvd backups please

This month I spent about $250 on a new LG-4160b burner and CloneDVD v3.0.2.5 and havent had a whole lot of luck copying my DVDs. When I try to copy a DVD using clonedvd to write thedvd+r itcrashes every time. The next thing I tried was writing Titanic to 2 ISOs and burning it with DeepBurner. So far Titanic and Passion of the Christ are the only ones that worked. All the other dvds i copy either fail at the very end of the burning stage if they are totally full sized ISO images or if they do burn, they only play about half of a second of each chapter on my home dvd player. Something kind of interesting is that when i play the dvd on my computer (all of the completed dvds work on my PC) every few seconds of the chapter it gets fuzzy for a fraction of a second and it looks fine for a few seconds and then it repeats.
I am using
LG gsa-4160b W/updated firmware
TDK 4x DVD+R media

I think you have a different Clonedvd. Did you get it from here? > or Elby- Elaborate Bytes?

Yes, the newest version of the Elby CloneDVD 2 is vs.… this is the one you want. :iagree:

oops, your right , I have version from
I sort of have the feeling that I got ripped off

i made a backup of a dvd with the evaluation version of clonedvd v2.5.4.3 but playback skips frames in my dvd player

Chalk another one up to media - what brand discs are you using?

I’m using TDK 4X DVD+Rs, So far I;ve had 9 good burns out of a stack of 25

wizardoffarts, that isn’t I very good ratio. I can’t talk much though. When I first started out, I burned some very expensive coasters using Memorex 4x discs in my Iomega burner and many of them too. I switched to Maxell and haven’t had a single problem. I’m not recommending Maxel (may not even work for you) but I am suggesting hunting down 3-packs (or as few discs as possible) of other brands and giving them a try. Of course you’ll have to check them in all of your stand alone players too to make sure they don’t have issues with them either.

Also, some players have better transports than others. I have some DVD players that will skip and/or pixelate with my backups but others play them fine and you can’t tell them from the original.

I’ll take your advice, I’ll most likely save money in the long run with the quality media.

I am having a similar problem. It says it was successful. On my computer I can watch the movie from my new backup, but if I put my new backup in 1 of my 3 DVD players in my house, it is jumpy. I am going to run and buy a few different types of DVD R and see what I come up with. I have a Light on DVD 16x 8 x 16x.

It worked! Thank you! I baught a 5 pack of memorex and a 5 of Maxell just in case and it backed it up, I had no problems playing it back on any of my DVD players.
BTW I used the Maxell.

Thx Again

With the bad medias you can try to burn with lower speed, maybe only 2x.
This helps in some cases.