Could use opinion on 3 burners

I am looking at a new DVD burner for backing up DVD’s and CD’s. I currently have a Cd burner. The ones I’m considering are the BenQ 1620,Pioneer 108.and the Nec 3500A. Anyone better than the other for making bakup DVD’s? Also should I have a DVD rom for reading the DVD’s and the burner for burning? ,or would the burner be enough?

If you’re new in dvd world, I would suggest BenQ 1620. Flash with the lastest official firmware (B7T9) and you will be fine. NEC is also very good from what I’ve seen but you need hacked firmwares to get good burns.

Benq: Great writer, outstanding media suppoprt & media over speeding. But could been a faster reader.

NEC: Media support needs improvements, but writing quality is good. Fast but slightly picky reader. No official bitsetting for +R/RW

Pioneer: Media support need improvements, slow writer - but good writing quality, slow reader. No official bitsetting for +R/RW.

BenQ is the way to go in my opinion :wink:

When copying DVD-Discs I use this setup.

NEC ND-3520A: Reader since it reads +/-R media at 16x :smiley:
BenQ DW1620A. Writer since it rocks. Using mostly 8x media and overspeeding it to 12x/16x writespeed with no problems. I use 99% +R media.

With this setup I could copy on the fly at 12x/16x with Nero.

I would agree, I’d say go with the BenQ. Toss good media at it and you won’t have any issues with it. Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim, Maxell, Ritek/Ridata, and Fuji are all starting grounds when it comes to good DVD media. :slight_smile:

I have never needed to use any hacked firmware to get very good quality burns with my 3500. This is one of the reasons I chose it. I have burned 6 different types of media and all the burns have been close to the quality of TY media except Ridata R03s and even they were in the 50s (PI errors). Over at DVDhelp a poster just got the best burn I have ever seen on some crap CMC +R from Khypermedia. Maybe I have had remarkable luck, or maybe those who feel that the 3500 needs hacked firmware have just never owned one.