Could the video iPod spur DMCA change?

I just posted the article Could the video iPod spur DMCA change?.

  DamnedIfIknow used our news submit to tell us about a little  commentary over at C|Net that speaks to present DMCA or Digital Millennium  Copyright Act law and how it conflicts with todays...
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>I for one never did understand how it was legal > to add these copyright controls to begin with, > considering the Fair Use law that came first. Because the DMCA came after the Fair Use statutes, it has precidence. Government writes laws to overrule old laws all the time. This was simply a backdoor way of overruling Fair Use. The only way this can be overruled now is by another law, or by the Supreme court. I seriously doubt the Supremes will intervene though. Their attitude has shifted from common sense interpretation to literal regurgitation. They won’t act unless a law explicity violates the constitution, which the DMCA does not.

I guess that makes sense. :c About overruling fair use, with a cheap trick. I am also afraid that there is little hope for the average citizen or their rights.

“Apple Computer’s video iPod may not be the first portable movie player, but it is by far the best.”

The only way to fight big money is with big money. If there are a bunch of us that do not like what our elected officials are doing, then we need to organize and make our voice heard. Complaining to congressman/woman will probably get you blown off but if we organized then they would have to listen since we would have more political clout! Otherwise, this is just going to get worse overtime. Just my two cents worth. :S has nice analysis of DMCA law and Fair Use that is included with DMCA law. Also check out: