Could someone please tell me the best way to burn a film - urgently

Hey all.

I have a few ISO’s on my HDD of DVD films, and I need to burn them to disc so I can wipe my HDD totally.#

I want to burn them to the DVD’s I have in the best way possible so that they can be played on most players.

How would i do this, should I use my minus or plus discs?

What about booksetting and all. I need to know quick because if I muck up the burn, then I will prolly need to redownload the iso’s

I know I should be searching for this info, but I can’t find any obvious guidence, and I need the info quick

Thanks all :slight_smile:

Oh, I have a Litey 832S
unfortunately the site is down…they must be upgrading the site or something…use DVD DECRYPTER to burn ISO images…DVD-R is much more compatible especially if the dvd players are older models…it’s the newer models that will playback DVD+R & DVD-R…alot depends on the dvd burner you have too and the brands of dvd media you’ll be using…ISO images can be burned with DVD DECRPYTER…do a google search on DVD DECRYPTER…

Do I need to change the book type with DVD-R’s ?

No you don’t, you only need to change the book type for DVD+Rs to DVD-ROM if you want them to be more compatible.

Hope that makes sense to you.
And I hope I know what I’m talking about.

Heh, yeah thats fine.

My -R’s play fine in my LG, my Arianet DVD player, and my PS2, so they seem good enough (Bulkpaq Prodisc’s, Orangish label, white topped discs)