Could someone please explain this Image thing to me



last time I used the pc we didnt have this image thingy. It was simple torrent something, click the .exe file and away you go. Well I’ve just split from the bf so I can use my pc again after about 3 years. So could someone please explain this Image thing to me cos ive tried endlessly and am still getting nowhere. In little words and short sentances as I’m suffering a touch of retardation at the moment. Thanks peeps


OK, I don’t know much about images, but as I said, I’d give it a shot.

What are you wanting to do…make an image (ISO file?), burn an image…?



when you download something as a torrent file you know get 3 files (in my exp)
they are usually, one notepad file with various bits on it, and MSinfo document and an image file. All I want is to be able to use the things i have downloaded but I dont know how. I’m not particularly bothered about burning them but was hinted to that they are clone files and thats what you have to do to use them.


download a program like virtual clonedrive from (freeware), and mount the image onto it


cant do that because ui tried before and it now wants me to buy the program


could download it, but then i wouldnt be able to open it…arrrggg


Daemon Tools or Slysofts/elby’s Virtual Clone Drive:)

Freeware & goodly :slight_smile:

VCD is now quite old now & blacklisted by many newer games. They will actually refuse to start until it is uninstalled, even though you are playing from an original CD/DVD.

Of course, you aren’t downloading anything that is copyrighted & you don’t have a licence to use :wink:


virtual clone drive is free. You do not pay for it


See quote. :wink: (damn, you Aussies are quick!) :eek:


Hi :slight_smile:
Virtual CloneDrive from slysoft free. See here.


In mind only (despite the rumours).


As already said sivyour, warez is against forum rules. Please (re)read the forum rules before making any relevant posts.