Could someone help with dual layer burning



Hi im having trouble trying to burn a dual layer dvd,ive got this 12 dvd set of the battle of the planets cartoon and the first 11 dual layer dvds were easy they were just 7 gig vob sets and i burnt them with nero with the burn video files option,but dvd 12 is the extras dvd theres the normal VIDEO_TS folder with all the vobs and stuff in it and then theres an extra folder called DVD ROM folder with photos and stuff in which i cant seem to add in nero when i click the burn video files button with nero it only lets me add vob files and stuff but when i try to drag that dvd rom and video_ts folders in nero only adds the video_ts folder and leaves the dvd rom folder out so i thought id try just dragging both folders video_ts and dvd rom folders in the burn data option on nero and burn the dvd but failed to play on my home player,is there any way to burn dvds like this even programs like clone dvd only lets you add VIDEO_ST folders and not dvd rom folders so i thought id ask someone before i go and waist another $9 blank dual layer.

Heres a screenshot of what im trying to burn


Maybe Dvddecrypter would help, select the option Iso Read mode and then, Write Iso


thanks for the reply the only problem is that i dont have the orriginal dvds anymore what i did was dumped them onto my drive and sold the orriginal set,is there a way that i can turn the video_ts folder and dvd rom folder into an iso that would be an idea but im not shore what program would do that.


As i said with Dvddecrypter dvddecrypter


Hi i know what your saying but like i said i dont have the orriginal dvd to make an iso with dvd decrypter with,and theres no way of loading up a video_ts folder in dvd decrypter only isos,so im stuck with the orriginal problem how can i burn those folders to a dual layer blank,its funny how these programs wont allow you to add a dvd rom folder even though they came on the orriginal dvd,if it wasnt a problem for the original company to add that dvd rom folder i cant see why it should be a problem for these burning programs to allow me to add the dvd rom folder,i even tryed vso CopyToDVD and it would only let me load up the video_ts folder but not the dvd rom folder.


Maybe you find something here videohelp
There are lots of tools listed


yeh thanks mate no worrys i would of thought asking this question on one of the best cdr forums someone would of known how a fix but yeh il go and and a look on that other site you mentioned,i still cant beleive adding a dvd rom folder is such a hard task


Do you tried it with Nero Recode, i had a look into it, i think there’s an
option to include DVD-Rom material, just select at the beginning Remake a DVD,
then select bottom right corner dvd-9, import your video_ts folder and under
option configure, you’ll find Prompt to include DVD data files when importing,
just check this option and then it should works, also you can see there two
things importing dvd video files and dvd data files, as i know the files in the
rom folder are data files.


When you add your vob set to Nero Express, you should be able to add your vob set. Once you’ve added your vobset, you can select a file and press the backspace key on your keyboard. That will show you the folders one level up and you should see a video_ts folder and an audio_ts folder. Add your DVDROM folder and burn.


Here ya go:

The VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS must be within another folder, point IMGTool at that and it will create an ISO for you. Free. :wink:

BTW, if there is no AUDIO_TS, just make one (leave it empty!) in the parent folder. Never tried to use IMGTool with any extra folders such as you have, don’t know how it’ll like that, but give it a go. Also, when burning with DVDDecrypter, let it set the layer break automatically. Tools -> Settings -> ISO Write Mode -> Options -> Layer Break (for DL Media) -> Calculate Optimal. That’s your best bet, some folks say that works fine, others no. But not many people so far have been willing to experiment. The trouble is the layer break, of course. When you do ISO Read -> ISO Write in DVDDecrypter, the layer break bit is preserved if you weren’t silly enough to mess with the defaults. No other method I know of is reliable, unless you count the latest RecordNow. There’s a thread on that over at Videohelp, blah, blah. So tell us how it went. :wink: