Could somebody help me?

hiiiiiiiiiii, im carlos and im from Venezuela, could you tell me how can i buy something (a dvd or tv) and send to my family in Venezuela… im living in USA and im going to live here for a while but i want to send few things to my family… thanks in advance :wink:

Hey, Carlos

You best option for small stuff will be USPS (United States Postal Service).

Other applicable options


You will have to check into the costs because they can vary substantially. It all depends on what you are shipping.

It is very important that you have all fees disclosed to you.


Shipping Costs
Taxes and Duties
Brokerage Costs (If Applicable)


thank you very much… ill go to one office of united post office and ill figure out… and if you know a store that i can buy and they just send the things for me ill preciate… even if is a online store… thanksssss :wink:

Send them a Sears gift card, there are Sears stores in Venezuela. I gave a friend of mine a 500 pc. toolkit for work he did for me and he was happy because Sears in Venezuela honored the lifetime Craftsman warranty’s.