Could some of my higher kprobe test error scans be

a result of reading a scratchy disk rather than just bad media? reason I ask is when i scan brand new DVD movies and burn them they seem to result in alot better burns on the same media as some older scracthy titles.

Even a tiny spec of dust or the faintest fingerprint can greatly affect the error scan. Scratches are very bad. How well such discs actually play in a drive will depend on the drive’s error-correction ability. The Kprobe read errors are report with no error correction having been applied.

any good cleaning solutions to clean my disks before i rip or scan that you could reccomend…thanks!

Im using a Liteon 4816H DVD ripper…which i heard is a good reader…should i run a scan on the original before i rip it to see if im going to get problems later when burning? Also is there a way to scan a ISO image? may be getting a bit off topic of this forum…sorry…

You can scan any burned disc.
The fact that dirt or scratches will affect a scan does not mean that the same disc will create any problems with ripping, although it may rip slowly. I just wipe them on my shirt. :o