Could PlexTools pi/po scan be not accurate at all?

Thanks for your attention

I just bought a new Plextor 716A
updated firmware to 1.05 and Plextool to 2.21
need for a faster burner with pi/po scan functionality

burned a full DVD on 8X CMC +R media
did a PIF scan which gives me average 20! Much bigger than 4!
PIE is about 30, ok I guess
yet my laptop’s SONY DVD/CDRW combo reads this disc just well.

so here is the interesting part.
I used to have a DVD movie on the same CMC media (same batch)
that one has major problem on my laptop and desktop DVDROM drives, sometimes the transfer speed drops below 2x
I did another pi/po scan for this crappy disc.
Surprisingly the scan looks nice: PIF is usually only 2-3 and PIE is around 20.

Now I am confused: which disc is really a better burn?
too bad I don’t have a liteon around me to doublecheck.

I am going to quote myself if you don’t mind :wink:

However, an average PIF result of 20 seems extremely high, you sure about this one?

I use pxSan and do another round at 8X
the pif is lower this time
but still the first 10% range has a pif ranging from 6-10 with a few spikes at 30

You should try lowering the speed to 6X then. That worked for me with CMC 8X DVD-Rs.