Could please some moderathor anser me?

I have problem theat some times when i burn CDs or DVDs then after burning i can not read them. :a :a
especially if i burn multissesion.
Nero can see how meany sessions are on cd or some times i can eaven read them on some other CD or DVD Roms.

If i burn same CD with NERO it si all so ok.

So what can i do.

Would it help if burning with less spead?
Some thing else?
I dont care if lose on speed or some thing else i just wont to be able to read files on an avarge CD or DVD rom

Pleas some help !!! :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:


I have similar problems like you, as you can see in and My read problems occurs also after burn but after further investigation I notice even a use of NeroSDK in a simple way (for example: get drive info) brings the read problems. Maybe you can run my testprogram from thread to see if your problem is the same problem like my problem. What kind of cd drive (manufactor and model) do you have and which Nero version do you use?

Until today I have no solution for this problem nor somebody could help me. I hope for a new SDK version which solve the problem, but its long time since the last NeroSDK was released and so I dont know if a new NeroSDK release come in near future.

Please report if you find a solution for your problem. Thanks.