Could Occasional Dvd Burning Failures Be Caused By My Nero Prefs?

I have posted a similar thread on the LG forum but now I think it may be something wrong about my Nero preferences. So I had to open a thread here too.

LG company has just given me a 4163B replacing my defected 4160B.

I bought 10 TDK DVD-Rs yesterday. 5 of them burned without problems.

3 times I recieved Read errors.

2 times Nero froze near the end of Verification. 1 of these was at 99% and 1 at 95%. I restarted in both cases and compared the data on the DVD with the originals on the HDD using “Beyond Compare 2”. The one that had stuck at %99 passed the comparison but the other did not.

So it makes 4 coasters out of 10 DVD-Rs. In all cases the burn was successful but received errors during Verification. The successful and unsuccessful burns were in random order; so it was not like 5 fails after 5 good burns; 2 good burns and 1 failure maybe…

Do you think these failures are normal to happen from time to time? Or am I having the same nightmare again; the nightmare that costed me 20 dvds and a week of waiting for the 4163B to be given to me?

I use DMA option. I have the gsa4163b as the Secondary Master. I have the latest Nero and Firmwares.

Someone mentioned TDK has variable quality discs, so tomorrow I’ll buy something other than TDK and see how it works. There’s no well-praised Ritek here, so my options are Fuji, Sony, Philips and low quality brands. Some people have been giving codes or numbers for the type of DVDs for example for Sony but are these written on the DVD packages? Or how do I know which is which?

Anyway, do you think the problems maybe occuring because of these reasons :

  1. In my Nero ISO 9660+ Joliet is default. Should I use ISO 9660 Only? But then I think it changes the names of the files, doesn’t it? I am comfortable with Nero Express and I use it, but I think ISO 9660+joliet is default for express too. So How can I make “Iso 9660 only” default for Nero Express?

  2. Low RAM or low physical memory? My RAM is 512 mb and the space left on my hdd was only 1-3 GB till recently. But now after the successful burns, I have 20 GB free space on my hdd. Could these be the reasons?

Here are my Nero preferences. Please tell me if you see something wrong.


Another question :

I have 2 hdds. HDD A is the master, and B the primary slave. My DVD-Burner is the secondary master.

I usually burn the files on the HDD B to create my my data-dvds. Do you think I should copy the files first to HDD A and then burn on the DVDs?

And please do reply my questions. I need HELP.

Thanks in advance.

Have you got the latest firmware for the LG4163B, its currently 104.

Firmware is critical.

My 4160b couldn’t write Samsung disks (freeze on verification) before version A302/303

Wow that’s fast. Just a while ago I upgraded it to 103 but now 104 is out? I’ll try with the new firmware. Meanwhile please stay tuned! I need your help. And thanks a lot for your replies.