Could not perform fixation!

That’s a message i get often when i use Nero

It happens at the time when Nero begins to write the CD or at the closing of the CD.

Do you have any suggestions?

? Nero (? .1)
Not on Nero site, so where is it,

See Session fixation error writing lead-in in the Nero Help Tool. Follow the links and related causes and you may find the answer.

Media is frequently involved in this error. Try a different brand of quality media.

Thanks for the info Inertia.I think that the problem was Easy Cd and it’s drivers , so i’ll have to remove it.

And of course i meant nero

Easy CD Creator and Nero are not incompatible.

Originally posted by Inertia Easy CD Creator and Nero are not incompatible.

However cause software, driver and other conflicts;)


That may be your opinion, but it is incorrect.

I have been running installations of every major burning software on different platforms for almost 2 years without problems or conflicts. So have many other competent people that don’t believe internet myths.

Most conflicts are caused when inexperienced people try to load more than one packet writing program simultaneously.

Take a look at Does Easy CD Creator cause conflicts?