Could not perform end of disc with DVD-R

I got this message twice while burning a video DVD-R with Nero…
Fortunately, the disc still plays without problems in my stand-alone!! :bigsmile: Doesn’t the DVD require a lead-out?! Or what else does this mean?
Anyhow, how is it possible that i get this message ??? I use Nero, have a Sony DRU-500AX writer and haven’t changed anything in windows/nero/ … A reboot didn’t help either …

What’s the file size your burning, and what’s the media.

I have a batch of Ritek that can’t be burned with more then 4300 MB, or it will crash when writing the lead-out track.

I’m not so lucky. Can only play them in my PC.

i am not sure…could be nero…

i had it before…but it disappered for some reason

and yes…they seem to work on standalone dvd players

If you are trying to overburn, getting this message is quite common! This also bould be a (specific) media problem as well.

AFAIK, the lead out on a DVD disc is of the same use as on a CD: letting the player know it reached the end of the disc, so it can stop playing. If the leadout of a disc is faulty, it can happen that the player doesn’t know to stop and it’ll keep spinning until you stop it!

what firmware do you use for your dru??
could be that the eror disappeared when i updated the firmware of my dru

i’m using firmware 2.0e …
I tried a Sony DVD+RW disc, and it burned fine as it should be! (With the same VIDEO_TS & AUDIO_TS !!)
So i’m guessing, it could be the media that I was using?! (wich is DATATRACK -R ) I thought this is a hardware related problem?! Anyhow, after a format c:, i still experience the error message… prolly it’s just the media … i hope … :rolleyes:

you only know for sure when you try different media…or flash your firmware to an other version
but flashing it is not 100% garanty to solve it of course

(isn’t datatrack the same as princo??)