Could not complete action becasue Device Error- Sense code (5,30,05)

I’m unable to write a dvd on my Packard Bell Easynote running win xp home. I’ve got a nec dvd ±RW nd6500a. I’ve had the computer for about 10 months and have always been able to write a cd’s and dvd’s before.

I always used Sonic Record Now without any problem…till now !

Now I’m getting the message " Could not complete action becasue Device Error- Sense code (5,30,05). Cannot write medium. Incompatible format Write burn, then gives error "recording error. Sense: 05 asc:30 ascq:05 (command 2a)

" disk might contain dirt, fingerprints,"etc, but these are clean, brand new disks.
I ran a cd/dvd diagnostic through the bootup options, and it checked out okay.

I could find no new drivers through nec for this dvd.

Any ideas? Is this a hardware or software problem?


What is the media ?
Have you done anything new… like install new software or hardware ?

If you could run the Nero Info tool then it mite help with the problems.

But I think that this is something wrong with the media, have you had a go with other disks ?

Well Yes, that’s what I also thought in the beginning, because I just bought 20 TDK’s DVD-R Single Speed (1-16xSpeed), but I looked at some other DVD’s I burned in the past and I saw that I had used this kind of DVD’s before, so that couldn’t be the problem. But I updated my computer with the new Windows updates the day before ? I already had some problems with those, for instance with the update Windows Service Pack2.


They might look the same label wise but be a different MID (media ID) CD-DVD Speed and DVD Iidentifier are good for looking at this and then you can really know if its the same media.

That nero info tool can help you check that all you need is installed right, and not screw up some how, might be worth posting the log it makes.

Then we get to the Windows Updates you say SP2… I take it that this is XP SP2 ???
This is known to cause a lot of problems for some people, but as its the only M$ supported XP OS you do need to have it installed if you want to keep updating XP :frowning:

If this is your only media it might be worth getting a small amount of a Verbatim media because IMO that works well on most drives, and will rule out the stuff you have.

I’m getting the same sense error. I’ve never seen a sense code before; what does Key:05 ASC:30 ASCQ:05 mean to tell you anyway?