Could NERO 7.0 can copy watever WTM disks but NERO 8.0 can't



could NERO 7.0 copy watever WTM disks but NERO 8.0 can’t…

I am an IT Lecturer of an INSTITUTE in Sri Lanka, and i created a set of 6 Educational VCDs which is to be sold and not to be copied thereafter.

I would lik 2 know dat i bought the software WTM COPY PROTECTION and added a VCD Image and protected successfully via WTM COPY PROTECTION. ver.1.98.

I’ve done it and copied through nero 9.0, nero 8.0, nero 6.0 and through Magic ISO, Ultra ISO, ISO Buster, Alcohol 120% and Deamon Tools too…
All the above softwares accured an error (ERROR READING DATA / ERROR / CANNOT COPY etc.) :slight_smile: :iagree:

But when i tried on NERO 7.0 it copied without any errors. :frowning: :doh: :sad:
now how should i protect the CD’s against NERO 7.0??



Contact the vendor, tell them the product doesn’t work and get your money back.