Could my 832s be dead? hero please help



Recently my 832s has been burning really crappy burns. It had VS0B but then i upgraded to CG4E today. When i had vs0b firmware my burns were pretty good for a while but then about a week ago my recent burns were pretty crappy. So today i decided to reset the learnt media, and upgrade to CG4E firmware, but that only made the problem worse, so i restored my EEPROM and kept the CG4E firmware. But now when i burn it turns out to be a really really bad burn. Heres an example of just trying to burn a data disc. Please help me with my problem!! :bow: :bow: Sorry for using the word burn so much. Can’t think of any other words at the moment.


Oh dear, that’s not looking the best. I think the EEPROM reset is your best hope.

1/ Upgrade to VS0G, CG5G or CY58 (no extra patches)
2/ Reset the EEPROM using [thread=112103]EEPROM Utility v2[/thread]
3/ Burn a new 4x DVD+RW (Verbatim, Sony, Philip…)
4/ Scan the result (if scan is good goto 5 else repeat from 3)
5/ Burn a RICOHJPNR01 or MCC002/003 or PRODISCR03 at 4x
6/ Scan the result
7/ Burn another RICOHJPNR01 or MCC002/003 or PRODISCR03 at 4x
8/ Scan the result

Report back…


roger that. so i should reset learnt media and get some new media.


@ jm88
Follow C0deKing’s excellent advice. Just a thought, did your recent burning problems start when you started using these TY01 discs? Is it possible you are using fake TY’s?


i had that thought too. Maybe i got a very defective batch of t01. but then again theyre from rima, samsung branded. Unlike other peoples burns with the exact same kind of disc, mine are very very bad. Btw sorry to sound noobish, but do you know where i could get those media that codecking said i should burn. I looked at rima but they dont have them all. any good sites or stores would help. Btw thanks codecking, you really are the king.


@ jm88
These should be PRODISCR03 at Rima.

MCC 002 or 003 are Verbatim’s(among others) 4x and 8x +R media.

These should be the RICOHJPNR01 from Rima.

VideoHelp is a good resource for cross-referencing MIDs and brand names.


would these two media do?

I don’t wanna spend that much since i might risk wasting money if my drive doesnt work propery. Will these work for Codeking’s advice? Please, Thanks for the help also.


Go the Verbatims for sure. They will be MCC003s(given they are the same as in the picture)


Ok ive ordered about 5 dvd+rw verbatim 8x and 25 dvd+r ritek/ridata 4x. They should be here soon so ill have results up soon. :bigsmile: Is there any difference as to which firmware is use, CG5G & CY58 in particular. My drive is just a regular liteon drive not sony so would it matter if i used the CY58 or CG5G? I might sound stupid, but how would i get these firmwares without extra patches because on the codeguys website i only see
CG5G and CY58 - patched - improved burn quality.


Just use CY58 patched with Liteon ID. By extra patches I meant don’t use Omnipatcher to apply additional patches. Just use the firmware as it comes. :wink:


i got my discs today. they are verbatim data life plus dvd+rw 4x and Ritek/Ridata 4x dvd+r. So far i’ve only been able to complete the first four steps Codeking suggested. How come whenever i burn a data disc with nero the buffer level is not at a fixed percentage, it always moves from like 98% to 97% to 95% to 96% to 93%. I remeber before it was pretty steady. Could the buffer level be throwing off my burn quality. Just check out this two burns on the same dvd+rw disc i used. The first scan was pretty wierd. After i fnished burning it i scanned it with kprobe but it got stuck at like 91% of the scan and wouldnt go any further, i waited for like an hour so then i just stopped it. I feel like throwing up after looking a the scan. :confused:


The scans actually look pretty good to me. The first scan looks like the session was not closed. Also you must burn the entire disc. Use Nero CD-DVD Speed create data disc to burn and the Nero quality test for scans. The Nero quality test also allows you to see the graph of the scan as it is scanning ;).


i jsut burned a ridata branded ricohjpnr01 disc and the results turned out pretty good, except at the very end where the pi and pif rates flew up. will my results get better if i burn more of the same ricohjpnr01. Im not sure but i think my drive hates t01 media which sucks.


In OMNIPATCHER, open your firmware and make sure to tick “Utilize force fallback”.