Could Joliet be an issue


Looking for a solution for the compatibilityproblems wich i have with standalone dvd players i was wondering if a standalone player uses the Joliet map wich is on some dvd’s, but not on all.
Could a dvd with Joliet be more compatibel then the ones without?

Looking forward to your answer(s).

Uncle Fester, I don’t have an answer, but am also looking to see if someone can help. I have a Panasonic DVD standalone player that does play DVD+R, and SHOULD play DVR+RW (according to a lot of stuff I’ve read). But I can’t get +RW to play.

Tony 22

Maybee it is the brand of the disk you are using, did you check, maybee you wil find some answers there.


That’s what I thought, but I went from one extreme to the other. I started a thread on this problem here

Went from crappy Infodisk to very good Ricoh, same thing. I know other people have gotten +RW to work, so either it’s a setting thing or maybe I need to go right to TY disks.