Could it be my 40125s is flawed?

I have a Sony CRX 195 (oem LTR40125s) o/cd to 48X, VS08 firmware.I am having none of the above problems,using Ritek media.Maybe you are having a problem,in that the LTR40125S you got was itself faulty? Have you tried burning the same media you used in the 48X drive at 40X and running the same tests?

Originally posted by rdgrimes
… write and read with the same firmware, …
… Since you do not specify which error tests are which, in tems of what you used to burn it and read it … ,

Rdgrimes, I did that. Maybe my pervious long post lost you in somewhere.

I stated in the very beginning which firmware I was used to burn the CDs, which burn speed was set and what the actual burning progress was…etc

Then I tested the CD with the firmware it was burned. I just did some extra tests with another firmware to cross check.

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I can’t say much other than it appears the drive does not like being overclocked. Some people report similar problems with O/C’d drives, I also have a 40x drive that does similar things. Some 40x drives are not up to using the 48x firmware.

That’s what I was suspecting…but then I did some tests with its original firmware when I bought it. It showed me about 40~60% of yellow sectors regardless several different brands of CDR I used and the speeds they were burn at under Nero CD Speed tests. I didn’t test them with WSES as I didn’t have it at that time.

I just noticed there are firmwares for 48125s, so i gave it a try a few days ago. bang! The results are close to perfect for me now. That’s RV still won’t burn at 48x, speed drops at around 45x, but the CD quality tests under Nero CD speed and WSES are a lot better now. I also tested the RedHat and Mandrake CD, similar good results. I will post the update soon.

However, I just noticed there is a new problem now. This 1s05 firmware seems no good for my verbatim DataLifePlus 4x~12x CDRW.

I have a RedHat CD2 burned using either ZS0N or ZS0K in a Verbatim CDRW media. I tested it with 1s05 firmware (again just cross checking), it shows no errors.

(brun and test are both under 1S05) Then I reuse this media to burn some files. The result is shocking. Yellow sectors are showing up right in the beginning! Tested it with WSES. The C1 errors were out of max scale 3000 all the way through the CD. -_-

anyway this is just a quick update. I will post more and pix when I completed more testing.

Bhairav, I burned that’s RV at 48x and 40x (as I am still having trouble to burn it at 48x) with this 1S05. The results are a lot better. I will post the results soon.

Thanks again for all the feedbacks.

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Also, because you live in Taiwan, whose cdr media market is a mess, the advises offered here will often be useless when you enter those computer malls like NOVA.

A lot of the branded medias, such as TDK by Ritek aviliable in Taiwan are of very low quality (not confirming to OB standard) because those are the ones not passing the QC.

As for That’s RVs, all i can say is that different batches have different qualities, and you do need recent firmwares to properly support them.

Idiot@ace, lets just focus on my issue here and stop saying things come from nowhere, alright?

I am not in Taiwan, but I was born there.

I don’t know where do you live, but my guess is you are not from Taiwan as you wrote in simplified chinese.

So how do you know the CDR media market is a mess in Taiwan?! Have you been there?

The market is very competitive (not mess, excuse me.) in Taiwan as there are many major CDR media manufacturers there. Inevitably there are not only excellent quality media with reasonable price tag but also some cheap media whose quality are below average in the market.

You also stated lots brand named media in Taiwan are in very bad quality and not comply with the Orange Book standard as they all failed the QC test. This is absolutely BS and ridiculous! Please explain to me why TDK or Ritek will do such stupid and harmful act to their brand names and reputations? There are many high quality CDR media (and bad ones) in Taiwan, just like anywhere else in the world.

So may I ask you where are the evidences that back up such ignorant statements?

While many members here say the CMC media are bad, there are still plenty of other members find it no problem at all and happy to use them. It really depends on what you need and how much you are willing to pay for it.

When you bought some media, let’s say Brand A, that are OEM by CMC and found the quality is so bad. You should blame both CMC AND the company that owns the Brand A right? Maybe the company asks CMC to make some media as cheap as possible for them, maybe they didn’t check the quality before distributing them…etc.

Unless you can justify your statements, I cannot tolerate any of such unfair and ridiculous statements been labeled against my country.

And if you read my posts carefully and throughly, I had tried VS08 and 1S05 with TY That’s RV media.

The results for my 40125s using 48125s firmware 1S05

I tested it by writing 700MB data to 6 CDs, except the Verbatim CDRW.
All tests carried out under 1S05

3CDs, Imation SpinX 32x 700MB wrote at 48x, 40x and 32x

ATIP: 97m 26s 66f
Disc Manufacturer: CMC Magnetics Corp.
Reflective layer: Dye (Short strategy; e.g. Phthalocyanine)
Media type: CD-Recordable
Recording Speeds: min. unknown - max. unknown
nominal Capacity: 702.83MB (79m 59s 74f / LBA: 359849)

2CDs, TY That’s RV 48x 700MB wrote at 48x and 40x

ATIP: 97m 24s 01f
Disc Manufacturer: Taiyo Yuden Company Ltd.
Reflective layer: Dye (Long strategy; e.g. Cyanine, Azo etc.)
Media type: CD-Recordable
Recording Speeds: min. unknown - max. unknown
nominal Capacity: 702.83MB (79m 59s 72f / LBA: 359847)

1CDs, Verbatim DataLifePlus 4x~12x 650MB CDRW wrote at 12x

ATIP: 97m 34s 23f
Disc Manufacturer: Mitsubishi Chemicals Corp.
Reflective layer: Phase change
Media type: CD-ReWritable
Recording Speeds: min. 4X - max. 8X
nominal Capacity: 656.40MB (74m 43s 00f / LBA: 336075)

Also re-test the Mandrake and Redhat CD with 1S05 (for anyone who interested to know)

Here are the results

Started at 19x
At 44%, dropped from 35x down to 20x for the rest

Started at 16x
At 71%, dropped from 35x down to 24x for the rest

Started at 17x
Finished at 32x no slow down


That’s RV@48x
Started at 19:7x
At 85% dropped from 44:7x down to 32x for the rest

That’s RV@40x
Started at 16:8x
Finished at 40x no slow down

RedHat 8.0 CD1 644MB in size
it was burned using That’s RV media at 48x under VS08
Please also refer to previous post for its test results.

Mandrake 9.0 CD1 695MB in size
it was burned using That’s RV media at 40x under ZS0N
Please also refer to previous post for its test results.


Verbatim 4x~12x CDRW
I did a quick format then write the media with 650MB data.
here is the result

I also tested it with wses, the C1 errors were out of max scale 3000 through out the media -_-
Shocking?! I did a full format then try again
here is the 2nd result

So far I am very happy with the 1S05 for CDR Media.
It’s the best among ZSxx and VSxx I tried, except for CDRW media.
I tried the Verbatim media with ZS0N before, it was 0 error in CD Speed.
I am so confused now. :frowning:

oh btw here is my aspi.
LOG0143: *****************************************************************
LOG0144: Starting ASPICHK installer on Wed Nov 06 03:08:05 2002
ASPICHK0438: OS = Windows NT (5.00.2195)
UPGRADE1004: c:\winnt\system32\wnaspi32.dll dated 05/06/2002 01:01:14, 45056 bytes.
UPGRADE1062: c:\winnt\system32\wnaspi32.dll version
UPGRADE1004: c:\winnt\system\winaspi.dll dated 04/19/2001 07:34:44, 5600 bytes.
UPGRADE1062: c:\winnt\system\winaspi.dll version
UPGRADE1004: c:\winnt\system32\drivers\aspi32.sys dated 05/06/2002 01:01:08, 17005 bytes.
UPGRADE1062: c:\winnt\system32\drivers\aspi32.sys version
UPGRADE1004: c:\winnt\system\wowpost.exe dated 04/19/2001 07:34:50, 4672 bytes.
UPGRADE1062: c:\winnt\system\wowpost.exe version
ASPICHK0522: Inconsistent version numbers among components
ASPICHK0592: ASPI installation has problems
LOG0218: Closing installer log on Wed Nov 06 03:08:05 2002
LOG0219: *****************************************************************

Could it be something to do with I am using v4.71 (well two of them) drivers?

… end …