Could DVD-R's screw up my standalone?

I’ve backed up cartoons for my kids before and they’ve always played fine on my Pioneer DV-440 Dvd player (standalone). Recently though, they play for a while and then have errors of hesitation and pixalation. Now the display on the dvd player no longer works.

Original discs and older dvd-r’s work fine.

Also, the newer dvd-r’s that don’t work well on my standalone, work fine on my computer…on a portable dvd player…and on the lite-on standalone in my basement.

I would think my Pioneer is just ready to die, but then why would older dvd-r’s and originals play fine?

Anyway, thanks in advance for whoever may read this, and extra thanks to whoever may respond.


Standalones are fussy. Your Newer DVD-R’s are probably manufactured by someone different to your Older DVD-R’s. Get DVD Identifier. Check the MID codes on each disc. I’d say your newer media is probably crap and is beginning to fade - or conversly your Pioneer may just hate it.