Could anyone shares with me his DW1655 drv/sw disc?

Hi Guy!

I bought an OEM BenQ DW1655 without any driwers/sw CD and I guess I need that…

Could anyone help me?
thx in advance! :bow:

Maybe you should go back to the store and ask if it should have come with some software.

I just bought an OEM BenQ DW1650, and got a Nero Express OEM Suite disc with it

Thanks, but I tried…
They don’t have anything, just the drive only. :frowning:

My exact promlem is:
when I start the QSuite (v2.1) I get an errormessage: "Sorry! QSuite is exclusive for BenQ drives."
My drive is BENQ LS DW1655

Why get I this message?

You don’t need any drivers - windows already has them built-in.
For advanced control over your drive you need QSuite 2.1 - which can be downloaded from the Benq homepage - for free.

Making you a copy of my CD would be illegal, beause you (I) only get ONE license for Nero - and the license is for my drive…

Did you buy the drive RETAIL od BULK?

The message appears when your drive isn’t the first in the list.
Just click ok, and then choose the BenQ 1650 from the menu.

Yepp! You’re right!
If I disconnect the non-BenQ drives from my laptop, I don’t get this message :))


My drive is a RETAIL drive.

RETAIL means, it should come within an original BenQ box, with an IDE cable, the driver-CD (including Nero) and srews…
It not, you have been fooled by your store!!

in this case my drive is a BULK drive :frowning:

Hi :slight_smile:
Welcome to the forum chris_hu. :clap:
For BenQ s/w dowmload for free from links my sig.
For oem Nero try here.

Hi :slight_smile:
From & including the 1640. No IDE cable inc. That’s certainly the case in the UK. (& according to BenQ’s global site).

Hm…As I can remember, there was an IDE-cable too…
but this can be also a fault of mine…in this case: sorry!

But important is the original BenQ-Packaging to identify it as a retail drive…

But he would still need a serial number, wouldn’t he?

My retail 1650 came with no cable and (only) two screws.


The DW 1655 that I purchased retail 3 days ago did not come with a cable and only had 2 screws. It did have the software disk and paperwork.

A retail drive should come in a box, with warranty papers.

OEM drives have a more limited warranty and often come in just a plastic bag from the local PC shop (with an OEM Nero disc)

I had to ask for some screws for my OEM drive