Could anyone help me with norton tsunami, please?

Dear friends,
i will be very pleased if i recieved any kind of help
i used norton ghost program to save an image of my new windows
but accidently i chose to save that copy not as an image to the selected drive but to the partition itself
so all the data on the selected partition was lost and replaced by a copy of the windows!
iam a doctor and this drive was containing vital informations for me and my patients.
we will be very grateful if you can help me.
best wishes and regards for you all.

You will need to restore your original data from the backups you made of it incase something happend to the HDD containing that important data on it…

You did have a backup didn’t you?

If you dont have a backup and the data on the drive has been overwirtten by other data then you are going to either have to re-make the data or spend a serious ammount of money (read several thousand pounds per megabyte) paying a company to retrieve the data as best they can (and they probably wont get it all). Once data is overwirtten it is in effect the same as trying to un-burn a piece of paper, almost impossible without serious money and equipment.

You may be able to use an undelete tool like WinHEX to retrieve fragments of some files but the area where the new files have overwritten the old ones are lost.

[B]Dear qwakrz,
thanks alot for this valuable information
unfortunately i have no backup, i will remember this forever, but i will try to undelete the files
thanks again my friend.[/B]