Could anybody give me a eeprom backup for 832S?

I have a 812S, and currently I am using “CG5G - patched - improved burn quality (for 451S, 851S, 812S, 832S, Sony 700A, etc.)”.After I flash another 812s’s eeprom for the led problem,the drive can’t burn any cd or dvd,and a blank disc after burning(Software can show the burning progress) is still blank.I try to ‘reset learnt media’,but the drive still can’t work.

if you’ve flashed another eeprom, the drive’s calibration data will get messed up.

do you mean the firmware?

it’s another eeprom,not the firmware.
what can i do now?

Restore your eeprom backup.

unfortunatlly,i didn’t backup my eeprom before flashing.

…guess you got yourself a new and improved burner… that you will be buying from a shop. The EEPROM is unique per player, so if you didn’t backup yours it is now dead.

Trash it, buy a new one and learn your lesson…
First thing i do when i get a burner is backup EEPROM and original firmware, just in case… :wink:

laughs … sorry - well - maybe u can try using someone elses until you find one that is close enough - dun expect a working burner … not working “beautifully”.

Try at your own risk, good luck! (503 Bytes)