Could AACS DRM spell the end of Macrovision?

I just posted the article Could AACS DRM spell the end of Macrovision?.

  Looks like DRM  is about to take a giant  step, a step that could possibly spell the end of Macrovision. Right now, Macrovision  is receiving up to 55 percent of it's earnings through the...
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Does it really matter what DRM is implemented whilst young DVD Jon is still breathing…?

I think it does. A lot of folks don’t understand how or desire to, defeat various protectiion schemes. And why should they have to? Todays society is going mobile with their purchased content, thanks to great new devices out there. It put’s the beans on the table for a lot of people too that manufacture or retail such items. It’s about time the entertainment industry recognised this fact and supported it. Some of them are playing both sides of the street i.e. Sony and for me at least, it’s beginning to get old.