Could a video card cause encoder lockups

hiya guys,
just to say i am actually not a beginner here, and my job is repairing pc’s, lol believe it or not,
but i have a nightmare problem, that is proving to be a bloody nightmare to be honest, and tracking it down is even harder.

so hoping to get some expert help here.

ok first the problem.

now i do a lot of encoding avi’s to dvd,

now here is the killer,
no matter what i use to do the encoding, i get a few minutes in, and “bang” total system lock-up, and i do mean total, needs a hard reset.

just to verify here, i have used the following…

win avi, vso dvd converter, nerovision.

and as i say every single one locks my pc upwithin minutes.
and i have tried numerous avis also, dont matter which it is,
i have done a total reinstall of my system, and locked again on first try.

now obviously me knowing a bit ( lol or so i thought), these are the things i have tried to narrow it down to.

my first thought, was a conflict in the codecs,
=( cant be that as reinstall would have cleaned them out)

( thought this was the winner), but i have played numerous high end games for hours, (no problems at all)

tried various other little things you do,

now i come to the main question of the post,

could it be my video card,
as i have thought back and tried everything i can think of, and to be honest this is the only piece of hardware i have changed in the past few months.

i did have an fx 5200, and i have now got an ati 9550, ( even tried different drivers)

oh one final thing, that is important to…i use to be able to use ALL these programmes to do exactly what iam attempting to do now, encode avis no problem…and a lot as well.
on this same system to, with absolutely no problems at all.

so guys if there is anybody out there that either knows what the problem is, or can give me ANY ideas, i will listen, as this has been going on now for at least 2 months…and to be honest, i cant afford any new stuff at this time,

so real desperate guys , hope you can help me.

If it happens while you’re encoding…have you tried checking your CPU temps?

Same thing happened to me, turned out my CPU was getting a bit toasty. Blew all the dust bunnies out of my PC with some compressed air, took the temps down by 10 degrees, and I was happily ripping again.

Worth a check :wink:

Technically, this could onyl work by first decoding and then (re-)encoding. It`'s called transcoding for simplicicity.

I would try to use other software, there are plenty choices.

thanks for the replies guys,

the dust theory i must say was a real chance this afternoon, as i did find a lot, had a through clean, and thought ok here we go again…

3 mins in boom, total lock up, hard reset.

so again, its not dust, its not memory,

the second theory, about cpu temp, had many issues in the past with mine and other folks pc’s,
but again my answer to that theory would be…surely hammering it on, top games , for a few hours, would that not lock up, if it was a cpu temp thing.

got to say guys, in all my 7 years of this, i have never come across anything like this, before were just a specific task has such catastrophic results.

i have however, found out my old fx 5200, which i may add i remember encoding all day with that card, but i may try if i get chance, there’s a silly thing called xmas getting in the way :stuck_out_tongue:
gonna try and swap cards just to do a test.

thanks again guys,

anymore theorys welcome.

i have tried numerous software.

the thing is,
if you can recommend a good encoder that just gets my avis onto dvd, then ill try it, but i really do think it will just lock up again.
but thanks for suggestion.

I guess, your video adapter is not playing any important role when you encode the video files.
On the hardware side, if any, your bottlenecks will come from CPU and memory.
Also from your HDDs -
how many do you have? (if you have just one it can be a prob as the system and the encoder call it at the same time)
How fast they are? (at present time this should not be a prob)
Is/are your(s) HDD(s) fragmented or do you defrag them? (the best way is to work with dedicated partitions and format them before the encoding).

A 32MB graphics, like Matrox G-500 or 550 does the job with no prob, as the only thing it does it is to show the images on your screen.

Are you sure your PC has enough cooling? I know we’ve been down the heat route, but it would fit with the new grfx card. Perhaps your new card pumps out more heat than your old one. I admit that this doesn’t fit with the fact you are able to play games without issue, but the processor is doing a lot less in games because your GPU takes a lot of the load.

Now I’ve typed all that I’m not sure what my point was, but I wouldn’t count out heat.

Also, perhaps your CPU is honked? Have you tested it? I used to use a program called PCcheck, it was awesome, left it running on machines over night if they were being iffy, after 12 hours of 100% CPU load if a processor was dodgy you’d find out.

If you have Nero INCD or Sonic DLA installed, uninstall them.

Usually, lock up problems are due to heat issues, power issues, or memory issues, but there could possibly be other issues.

You may end up having to do a clean build on your system, and see if the problem still exists.

thanks guys for all this…

iam gonna get a chance to have a proper go at it this saturday,

ill try my old card, and i will stick some more coolling paste on the cpu, and i may try that programme as well just to see how it looks,

thaks again guys, very much appreciated.

Yep, giving your CPU a big-time workout as mentioned above by mjwhitfield will help identify if it’s acting up heat-wise. :iagree:

Good luck with all the testing :wink:

DAS HAMMER! aka, link for PC Check