Could 8x DVD+RW and 8x DVD DL writing be in our near future?

I just posted the article Could 8x DVD+RW and 8x DVD DL writing be in our near future?.

Thanks to CDRlabs, this short but sweet
article from Digitimes is brought to our attention.
DVD+RW Alliance held a technological symposium in Taipei for the first

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“as well as introducing its anti-piracy technology, Vidi” - doesn’t sound desirable to me… More info on Vidi is here, It seems to be related, in particular to, the the recording of programs from CableSatellite.
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8x DVD+R DL is definitely a typo. Digitimes seems to do these kind of typos quite often… 8x DVD+RW drives should hopefully be out in Q3 though.

“8x DVD+R DL is definitely a typo.” Hmmmm tha’s a bummer, but it sure seemed like a big leap of speed to me too. :c

Where the hell is Pioneer with its DVD-R DL specs and products??? :X

Yeah, Come on Pioneer, what are you waiting for?

Christmas [with duke nukem voice] :slight_smile: By the end of the year or beginning of 2005 said a representative for Pioneer a month ago. At this time 4x DVD+R DL is expected to be released though so Pioneer better start out at 4x speed if they don’t want to “lose the race”.

Nah it’s not a typo. They mentioned dual layer burning speeds of 6x-10x at that convention but those speeds begin from next year.

Pioneer have a press release for their next drive in July so stay tuned for that as you will find out specs and release dates.

Yes faster DL speed is in the works but the article mentions “product certification process for … 8x DVD+R DL” so I doubt it’s correct in this context and as you write 6-10x is planned for next year so I doubt they even have decided that it will be exactly 8x speed.

Man that would rock the industry for being able to write x8 on Dual Layer. For the time being we are stuck with x 2.4 +dvd:g Greetz Intercept…:S