Costly perk forces DWP to shell out extra if it gives work to outside contractors,0,1495706.story

It’s no secret Los Angeles Department of Water and Power employees are paid well. But a little-known clause in their union contract ensures they can work extra hours and collect even higher wages when private contractors are hired to help them get the job done.

The so-called “outsourcing bonus” traces back to a single sentence inserted into the city-owned utility’s labor contract nearly two decades ago. Intended partly to discourage use of private companies with lower labor costs, the contract provision requires DWP managers to offer overtime to any employee who could have performed tasks assigned to a contractor — such as engineering, construction or clerical work

ast month, The Times reported that a separate decades-old provision, included in the DWP’s disability plan, required the agency to pay employees unlimited, extra sick days. That program cost ratepayers $35.5 million since 2010. DWP officials could find no medical justification for more than half of the employees who took more than a month of extra sick days.“These policies make no sense and are another reason why we must reform” the agency, Garcetti told The Times. Late Thursday, he said he would not sign the proposed DWP labor contract because it limits reforms to “the department’s costly and inefficient work rules.”

I am not anti union I so stupid to not figure out where would be today
without unions but this is just plan stupid when a contract has things like this.

The purpose of every bureaucracy is to take as much as it can from everyone else and benefit itself, to gain more power and wealth for itself. Cancers and parasites have always been happy to kill their hosts - “shortsighted greed” is often the label slapped on these practices.

Specific addendums like this probably paid giant bennies to everyone on the other side of the table, too, or were paybacks to other ‘rebates’. Corruption has always enjoyed strange bedfellows and closed-door meetings.