Costco - TDK Printable Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Most of you Costco members already know about this. Starting tomorrow, Costco has a buy one get one free coupon for 100 pks of tdk 8x PrintOn dvds (+/-r). 200 dvds for $42.


Last time I was in Costco - these were “Made In India” - would be great to see some scans of these - and do they come in both -R and +R flavors?



I’ve only seen “Made in Taiwan” -rs. These should be TTG02s. The +rs could be CMC (Taiwan) or MBI (India).

Costcos near where I live (Nashua NH), had only MIT as far as I could see. I looked at about 10 spindles of each.

I’ve been to 3 different costcos and all I found are made in Taiwan. The -R are TTG02, awesome burnt on benq 1620, burns even better on 1640 and NEC 3500. Stay away from the +R, the burn scans dont come out to be too pleasing

I got the MIT +R, they are CMC E01 at my local Costco. The scans are surprisingly good, but not even close to my Fuji TY :slight_smile:
The -R were all labelled Made in India.

“Made in Taiwan” for + and - r at my local Costco. Bought 2 -r spindles (TTG02).

i think i will be getting the -r’s as cmc e01’s i gave away a bunch of those, i hate that media with a passion, never again will i buy hp cmc media

should i stay away from the made in india media? i heard its crap

IMO no, the +r that i got were moser baer and they were good.
but i have not seen those at costco lately…

well i might try a + if there india, i will stay away from the cmc crap, god i hate that cmc media code, cmc -r is good tho

grrrr, looks like these ttg02’s might be going back, dont seem to burn good on my liteone or btc drives that i mainly use

anyone had luck with costco letting u return them?


burnt at 6x works great in my liteon 1653 csom

btc 1016 drive work decent i guess, the scans arnt great, but they seem better then most scans burnt on that drive

i need to do a lil upgrading firm on my btc

here are one of those moser baer that were at costco a while back…not bad.
i wonder where i can get more of these.

Costco has one of the greatest return policies of any retailer. They will take just about anything back at any time.

Wonder what’s with that huge single spike smack in the middle of the disc? Lol. Otherwise, nice looking burn. 8x?

don’t know about the spike…
yes, burned at x8. other scans are just as good.
moser baer makes good stuff IMO.

well after a few test burns the ttg02’s i am keeping, i know coscto takes anuything back, but wasnt sure about media, some places just wont take it back, and i dont buy from those people

but burns ok at 8x in my liteon 1653, burnt at 6x very good scans, i will scan my next couple and save and post here

anyone else with that same or simular liteon have susseces?

I got 2 pack of -Rs

burned in BenQ 1620 @ 4x

burned in BenQ 1620 @ 8x

burned in LiteOn 851s @ 4

Hmm, here are my last two burns just now @ 8x on BenQ 1620. They are a bit smaller, not all the way to the edge of the disc, but the results are pretty nice I’d have to say.

It seems as if the BenQ is adjusting to the media used, is it possible?

here is a few scans

the first one was burnt on the btc 1016 a082 firm at 8x

the second was burnt on the liteon 1653 csom at 8x (6x provides very better scans, next burn i do i will do at 6x and post to show u)