Costco TDK Inkjet Printable 16X buy one get one free coupon

Starting Jan 23rd, Costco has a coupon for buy one get one free on TDK 16X +R/-R inkjet printable, the regular price for a spindle is $41. Any1 know the MID for the +R/-R 16X tdk printable?

The DVD-Rs should be TTH02, and the DVD+Rs CMC MAG M01.

thats what I know for the regular TDK, I searched and it did not specify by the top surface whether it is printable or not. I guess it is safe to buy the -R for that dirt cheap price since I have too many trashy CMC staples branded DVD+R. But again, I dont know because I sold most of my Inkjet printable Verbatim on Ebay, over 400 discs on ebay. I guess I’ll prolly pass on this deal unless I want to make a few bucks on ebay.

Spindle of how many 25 count?, 50 or 100 count?.

For those who have used them both which one is better? TTH02 or CMC MAG M01.

TTH02 burnt better on BenQ 1620, 1640, and NEC 3500


At my local Costco - some of the TDK DVD’s are being made in China-

Suggest being real cautious - as the bargain might turn into a nightmare-


I bought the TDK 100pk printable +R’s a couple of months ago and the code for mine is:

MBIPG101 R04 (001) Made in India

My costco still has the same stock but I would double check. Here the +R’s are $42 and the -R’s are $43.

The quality seems good for me. I have been getting quality scans between 95 and 98 on my 1640.

Purchased at my local Costco (Vallejo CA). This is a typical scan:

Are those made in china? I don’t get nearly that many pif’s.

I just did an 8x burn with 1640 on a tdk ‘made in india’ from costco. Here’s the scan.

No, those are made in Tawain. I search and all I saw are CMC, TDK, and TTH MID, so what would the MIC MID be??

Mike, are you talking about the 16X TDK??? Because I haven’t seen MIC 16X TDK yet, mostly Tawain and Luxemburg made, I haven’t seen MII either for the 16X.


The TDK’s I saw at the Foster City, CA store were 8x and I don’t honestly recall if they were + or -

You all may want to take a look at this before you buy:


WoW Mike, you are fast, your response is only a few minutes after my post. You basically live in this forum, you are a freak, a true cdfreak member. I live in Calif and never heard of Foster City. But TDK at circuit city, bestbuy, frys ectronics, compusa and other retail store I encounter are MIT, Luxemburg, and I was lucky enough to encounter MIJ TDK at compusa. They are 8X and have gear on the base of the spindle. The MIT are black smooth circular base, but the MIJ are toothed base.

Yo GC-

Foster City is in the San Francisco Bay Area (the good part of California) and is directly East of the City of San Mateo and on the bay-


The title of the thread you linked to is:

Re: TDK - CD-R Media At Costco - Made in CHINA!!

Those are cd’s not dvd’s.

I do not know enough to allow myself to buy anything Made in China (as far as cd’s or dvd’s are concerned) I stick with MIJ except the costco tdk’s I have are from India and they are almost as good as my TY02’s (for my 1640 anyway).

Never heard of Foster City! You must be from south of the Tehachapi’s!! BTW bigmike7, I was born in Mills Hospital, many moons ago…


The link I pointed to - was obviously written by someone who had bought the printable DVD’s from Costco and had bad luck with them - (determined by posts following his post)-

And - yes - I know very well about the heading on the thread - as I started it-


Pif’s schmiff’s! They’re made in Taiwan, a place the PRC insists belongs to China.

I’m sorry but I didn’t get any of this when I clicked on the link. All I read was someone had bad luck with cd-r’s from costco. It made costco look like they only sell garbage.

I posted earlier in this thread a scan of the DVD+R’s costco has for sale and all of them had a quality of 95 to 98 for me and I tried to help those who are reading to know that the +r’s from india (if your costco has them) are ok, not like the ones made in china or taiwan so double check if you are thinking about buying them.