Costco Printable 16x $20 AC

Whats up everyone, doesn’t look like this has been posted yet. deal starts today 1/29

They’ve had this deal before, but it was buy one get one. Anyway they have both MIT and MII, the MII +R’s are excellent TDK003, my 1640 loves them. The coupon is in one of there booklets, and may be available at the customer service desk. The MIT and MII label is clearly visible on the top of the package. They have -R as well, if anyone is interested. :stuck_out_tongue:

so what MID are the MII disks and what are the MIT?

Any chance they are hub printable?

not hub printable :frowning:

I don’t know about the -R’s (you can search for the old thread), but the MII +R’s are TDK003’s

In got the MIT ones +R and they are cmc mag m01

here is the scan


can i get a link…

What is the quantity for 16X printable that cost $20?.

Argh, I knew I’d miss something. haha, its 100, otherwise it wouldn’t be a deal :slight_smile:

No link, its a coupon in from one of their coupon booklets.

I got the M01s last year when they were BOGO, won’t be making that mistake again :disagree: …I might give the MII a try though, nothing to lose as costco has the best return policy in existence :bigsmile:

here’s one of my many purdy scans from last years M01s :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks eric, then this is a good deal for printable.

I will look for the TDK 003 MII but I doubt they have them at my Costco, they are usually all MIT. :doh:

Ahhh, post #1000 :slight_smile:

Yeah, I had to sift through the MIT for the MII.

Congats your 1,000 post eric93se. I hope to see another 1,000 soon.

The problen with printable labeling is the cost of ink makes alsmost very expensive to do that.

not if you use compatable carts :wink:

Sooo are the TDKs worthy of a purchase? Haven’t heard too much about these.

Yes but even that you still use more often the catrs that you used to.

With my Epson 220 and 340(use same cartridges) And I watch for the sales I sometimes get them for as little as 1.75 per. Pretty inexpensive IMO and the results are outstanding.