Costco dual deck LVC-9016G



Does anyone have the firmware update for the new LVC-9016G (the upgrade for LVC-9006) ? Apparently it uses a different naming code than the LVC-9006. Would be great to get a hack for it…otherwise i guess its going back and traded for a stand-alone…


please… … how do firmware upgrade for LVC-9016G ? (excuseme my english)


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As Lite-On’s firmware varies from region to region, could you state which country you reside in? For example, a Lite-On DVD recorder in the US would use different firmware than in Europe due to the different TV systems used.

The firmware for your model in the US can be downloaded from the following link:

Alternatively, go to the main Lite-On website, click your region, go to the ‘Download’ section and follow the on-screen steps from there to get the firmware for your model.

Afterwards, extract the contents of the Zip file and write these to a CD-R or preferrably a CD-RW as you would writing a document to a CD. Finally, place this disc in your DVD recorder and give it a minute to recognise it. When a message comes up to carry out the update, confirm it. Should you get another message, such as ‘Data Disc’, then this means that you either have firmware from the wrong region or model.


Thank´s a lot I do´ít