Cost of pressed DVD manufacturing?

Does anyone know what the relative costs are for movie studios to release movies on single-sided/dual layer discs as opposed to double sided/single layer discs? I’ve seen quite a few older movies released as DSSL with widescreen on one side and full screen on the other. I know Warner Brothers experimented with trying to sell certain titles at a sub-$10 price point. Is this their way of keeping costs down?

I’m interested because, personally, I’m not in favor of the trend as it means clumsy fingered guests have a better chance of smudging something important. I’d gladly pay $.50 more to get a SSDL version of the same movie (not to mention a real DVD case instead of the cardboard style case they use with these same titles).

It’s not the cost of the disk. It’s the handling. Start out with storage. We are dealing with PALLETS of disks. Shipping. Two disks weigh more. Start envisioning trailers full of disks.

They really don’t expect you to play a movie more than about 10 times!

Actually, volume is not an issue when comparing SSDL and DSSL. Both are single disc solutions for storing ~9 GB.

A few of my early DVDs were double sided. It’s easier for the consumer to “know” which is which. The manufacturers are worried about you damaging the movie. Buy another one!