Cost of dvd-ram disks (even old ones)

I got this pack of dvd-ram disks that I cannot play or read ( I don’t think, have an nec 3500, an apoen 1608@1616, a liteon 851s@832s, and a crappy dvd-rom (mad dog). They are rca and am pretty sure they are these,2588,PI700855-CI700338,00.html
But how do I know that they are them (I have the pack in front of me).
They are among other rca media, very cheaplly prices, but maybe slow old media. videohelp was no help on rca??? at least the way I typed it in. If it’s retail is 40$, do you want some for 1.17$ per 3 pack??? It is possible that the 5 packs that I have access to are the only 5 packs in exsistance, and they are avalable to customers, so maybe they are gone. Maybe this should be an on sale tomorow thread (biglots adds do not start till wensday and the next print ad is on the third, but then again, thier may be a tv ad and I wouldn’t know it till customers came in asking for it, in which case, the standard answer is, we had tha 6 months ago, we will have it next week (we hope), it is on the shelf but I have no idea where, so we have sold out (on the first day, of course, we are a clearance store). They are in hell with the 14$ pools (wanna go to hell???)…
They are on an endcap in 3x with the back to school supplies. Ask someone up front to walk you to the product. If he is even talking to someone, he is not avalable. Tell him that you appreciate how busy he is, and would be very greatfull if he could walk you to the product, as soon as he is avalable and not helping customers. Then ask him if thier is a place that you can sit down and wait. If he asks you if he can help you, as him to lead you to the product, let hip point the direction, and hit anyone in the way (especially if they have a refund).
IF you go into the store, nobody knows what dvd ram is, nobody knows where they are. We have no isle numbers. I dont know what they are… Ask for 3x, table 2 (second endcap on the far left of 3x). We will know that we have them after we are sold out…
So are 3 old rca dvd ram worth anything???
This may sound like a joke, but

Walk up to customer service, see the line, get at the back of the line, have your friend end the line (we have a refund that is going to take a while so he can probably check you out if yo wanna wait a year, casuue my refund will take that long, I have to talk to a manager). Be nive to the coustomer service personell, and kindlly ask for help and a walk to the product from a css, not a manager.

This may seem like A joke, but I’m serious, I got these at work today…