Cost no object: Plextor vs ? -- for perfect backups of DVD, et al

I have an Intel P4 2.4 homebuilt running Windows XP Pro. I currently have a 40x Plextor IDE and want to replace it with a DVD-+RW/CD-+RW combo drive.

The Plextor PX-708A looks great. I will be using it for a variety of purposes:

HD backup,
home movie -> DVD
DVD backup,
Xbox backup (kid proofing)

Is there a better (ie faster, less errors, more media friendly) brand/model to consider? based on hardware lab type reviews?

thanks a bunch in advance for your helpful advice! :slight_smile:

The LiteOn 811S would be one to look at, or the new Pioneer one. A lot of people said that the LiteOn 411 wasn’t that great and I haven’t heard that much about the 811S, but from my experience the 811S is great. Not sure how it’ll handle those XBox games you wanna backup, for whatever your real reason is. I’ve had a lot of positive feedback from the Pioneer though, at least about backing-up DVDs and HDs.