Cossacks aow

gis a hand guys…and girls. im usung a ricoh burner to backup coss aow. it will run with no probs on my main machine even if i load it with a samsung reader… but i cant get it to work on my other machine which is a packard bell… software in using clone cd 4:cool:

I see no reason in backing up Cossacs AOW since you only have to install it once and never have to use the cd after that so no additional damage can occur on the cd while inserting it in the drive any time you wanna play the game. At least that’s the case with me

Anyways it is a SD2.51 protected cd, so if you wanna back it up you should use CCD with the folloing settings:

FES automatic (or on)
Regenerate data sectors on (will slow down the process a bit but always nice to have a better quality back up disc)
read data 4x
read audio 4x
audio extraction quality medium
burn speed max
AWS on

I think (correct me if i’m wrong) that ricohs don’t do correct efm encoding so you should stick to AWS.
Also Samsung dvds, both 612 and 616 arent the best readers in the world (believe me i have both) so you should definetely use ricoh to make the image file eitherwise the back up wont work for sure

I wil try to make a back up myself with my 40x plexie just for the fun of the whole process and check if it works

I never had any problem with my plexie and SD2.51 up to now, i hope i won’t start now :wink:

top man! thanks for your time:cool:

I did manage to make a working backup of cossacs aow on the first try !! You should have no problems, just use the settings i mentioned already :stuck_out_tongue: