Corsair VX450

Computer Specification

Motherboard- Intel 945GCNL
Processor -Intel Core2Duo 2.2GHZ
Hard Disk sata2 (4) Pata (2)
DVD -Writer (2)
IDE Card
External FAN 120MM
Cabinet ATX Medium

Please advice if VX450 will be compatible with this computer specification.

Yes that PSU will work fine for your PC.

If you have a couple Molex to Sata power adapters you could spend a little less and get this Seasonic

Yep, as Eric said, it will work fine. The seasonic he suggested would also be great. If you really want a Corsair, you can get the 400W version and save a few bucks:

…or spend a bit more so you actually can use your PSU if you change hardware…

I wasn’t sure how many sata connectors the 400W corsair has, just found it does indeed have 6 total sata connectors according to a newegg reviewer. So it would be a great choice.

The Corsairs and Seasonic mentioned are all good selections and will be ample for the computer as specified, all appear to have a 5 year warranty.

The CX400 is good, but the components used are a slight drop in specs from the VX450. (Still a good PSU though.)

If you lean to the VX450, you might also consider the HX450.
The internals look like a clone of the VX450, but it is modular and has a 7-year warranty. Downside, it is also a bit more expensive.

The 450HX is brand new and there seems to be no availablility in the states right now.