Corsair Force series 160GB SSD - What are they like?

Thanks Dee. My supplier cant get the QCZ Revodive X2 or any other OCZ HDD from his supplier’s here in South Africa so ill have to go with the next best SSD, the Corsair 160Gb force series Sata 2 This drive wont have the speed of the OCZ Revodrive X2, but at least it wont have compatibility issues do you know of any problems that might occur with the Corsair SSD drive??? I will use this drive as my system`s boot drive.

I moved this post to a new thread, as i think it is unfair to discuss competitor products in a preview thread.

I don’t have any personal experience with Corsair SSDs. The Force series use a single SandForce SF-1200, so I wouldn’t expect any problems regarding performance. :wink: