Corsair Force LX 256GB SSD Review – A budget SSD

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Not that long ago Corsair released the Force LS SSD, and SSD that was aimed to those that wanted an SSD with very good performance and also a very good price. This time I am taking a look on the latest SSD from Corsair, the Force LX. This drive again is aimed to those that are looking for a budget SSD to replace their old mechanical drive.
So lets take a close look on the Corsair Force LX and it’s performance, you can find you all about it by continuing reading this review.

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THX for the thorough review!:clap:
It was an excellent read.:iagree:
The drive seems to be a good buy,but I expected a lower price for it to be a real budget drive,at least in my buying area…
The Samsung Evo 240 is 10 € cheaper around here,the Crucial M500 even 20 €,while the OCZ Vertex 460 is 5 € more and the Crucial M550 around 8 € more…(all of them 240-256 GB versions,of course)
So,to profile itself as a real budget drive,the price should be around the same,or lower as the Crucial M500 IMHO…

HI Roadworker.

Well things down here are slightly different, the M500 simply destroys everything when it comes to pricing 105 eur for a 240GB SSD) but the Corsair Force LX is 5 euro cheaper than the 840 evo.

Cheapest Corsair Force LX 256GB I found around here,is 117 € without shipping…Crucial M500 240GB is 91.92 € and Samsung 840 EVO is 110.45,both also naked price, without extra shipping cost counted…
Seems that in this part of Europe the Corsair brand is still overpriced…

It’s not that surprising that they have a slightly higher price.
You have to remember that companies like micron manufacture almost every part of their drives, and on the other side Corsair needs to buy parts for their SSDs and also they need to be profitable so that they can continue to have high quality products and a good reputation*.

*Very important this days.

Excellent review vroom, thank you.:clap: