Corrupted MP3

I’ve recently had a massive HD failure and thought I’d lost the best part of160gig of MP3.
I’ve recovered the HD but there are a lot of MP3’s that have become mixed up, ie. starts okay but then jumps to another song halfway through.
I guess I’ve lost these files, but i there any software that will identify them?
I’ve tried ashampoo etc but because the file actually play it is still recognised as okay. Other than trawling through thousands of them and checking by ear is there a piece of software that can do it?
Many thanks

Whoa . . . sorry to hear about the crash. I’m not sure what program you used to recover the files, or if you can still recover anything or not, but you might try File Scavenger.

Sounds like an up hill battle to me.

I used file scavenger.
Think I’m going to write these off and put it down to experience.
Four years work down the tubes.